About us


Paul Leegwater is the number one address for Dutch field-grown vegetables, but you can also rely on us for greenhouse vegetables and fruits and all other products, which we import from all over the world. To optimally serve our customers, we operate from two locations. Our sales operations are conducted from our office in Noord-Scharwoude, and the transhipment takes place at our premises in Maasland.

Vast product expertise

At Paul Leegwater we are thoroughly familiar with both the products and the market. We can tell the difference between good and better, and we know where and when to find the best products. And that’s to your benefit, as our customer. No matter what products you buy from us, they are guaranteed fresh, of high quality, and at an excellent price/quality ratio.

Transportation under direct control

At Paul Leegwater, our customers need to be able to count on us at all times. That is why we keep transportation under direct control. This allows us to guarantee that products will be delivered to the right place at the right time. A large part of the transportation is carried out using our own extensive fleet of vehicles, that meet the very highest standards. With this fleet we reach all corners of Europe. Naturally, all products are transported under temperature-controlled conditions. Whenever necessary we use our network of highly reliable haulage partners, with whom we have worked for many years already.

Family business

Paul Leegwater is a true family business. You can tell by the horizontal company structure and our close involvement with our customers. We want our buyers to know that they can really count on us. That’s why we leave as little to chance as possible, and for example keep transportation under our direct control as much as possible.

Three generations in the trade

The company originated in 1938 when Dirk Leegwater (1915-2003) started trading vegetables at the wholesale market in Amsterdam. Later, his son Paul took over the transportation aspect of the business and decided to start his own company in 1980. Since 2003, Bart, Paul’s son, has been working in the company. After running the business together for 16 years, Paul retired in 2019. Choosing Paul Leegwater means choosing years of experience.